About Our Concept

Currently, the way it's done:
The Culinary & Hospitality industry is continually refining thier products and services. As new techniques and products are refined and brought to market. Then advertised in a variety of ways.

Exposure Options
  • The print / video media can be costly. To stay in front, campaigns have to be repeated. For commercial, items have limited exposure options.
  • Trade show exhibitions are more geographical. They also can be costly. Free materials are handed out, business cards are exchanged with most brochures finding their way to the waste basket. With generally no follow-up, a thank you message for visiting a booth might be sent. Unless you actually have hands on experience with brand, it's very difficult to recall much of anything when you are looking to make a purchase.
  • Recommendations are great when and if they are available.

Internet Searching the Philippines - Not Always very Resourceful Finding a specific product or service is sometimes easy. The time consumming part is attempting to find the product and compare it to other full brands, not just other simualr products. Retail sites generally display all of the simular items of the brands they happen to carry. It's up to you to figure out the other brands that might also be available.

Unless you happened to save all the broshures from all of the exhibits, commerical item searches are very fragmented. It can be very frustrating that once you find the item, it lacks information specific to your requirements. So, now you have to search and find the distributor to get more details.

The process continues. Now focus your search to the Philippines. Many distributors might not even have a website, or if they do, they rarely come up in your search results.

Developing Something Different Our concept is to help you find information in a magazine directory format. Not just an item, but the full product line of a brand. Then for each item, display the information as posted on the brands website and/or information from the item broshure. You don't need to visit multiple websites. We have gathered and provided the information for you. We want you to find the distributor! So, we've included their full contact details and a map to help locate them.

When you log in as a member, you can add any item to a wishlist repository for easy reviewing.